Sarah - Tutor and Coach

I became an educator in 2006 with a determination to make a difference to young people, both academically and socially. I am an enthusiastic and nurturing teacher who thrives on inspiring and developing learners to succeed to the very best of their ability.
Joining the teaching profession was the start of my journey in making a positive impact on children’s lives and their personal achievements by increasing their desire to learn and enabling them to become independent life-long learners.
I facilitate this by tailoring learning to the needs and interests of the individual in order to engage them and support them to thrive. One-to-one tuition provides a great opportunity to do this and I thoroughly enjoy my sessions with various students across Key Stages 1, 2 and 3 and those in preparation for 11+ exams.

Since graduating from the University of Leicester, I have been working in primary schools in and around North East Lincolnshire as a classroom teacher and as a school leader.

More recently, I have worked for the local authority assisting in transition back into school for children who have been absent from education.

As well as supporting young people academically, I am passionate about helping to develop the confidence and
social skills that will help them to access the next step of their education and then the adult world.


In 2021, I embarked on a diploma in life coaching after having an extremely postive life-change experience having engaged with life coaching myself.

I have found life coaching to be one of the most empowering experiences that I have ever had. It has helped me re-evaluate the ‘shoulds’ in my life. My journey has caused me to realise that the pressure of the perceived ‘should do this’ and ‘should do that’ has been holding me back my whole life. Now, I set the expectations for myself and because of this there are no limits to my belief in what I can achieve and what I am worthy of.

We, at The Brain Booster, hold the belief that a teacher or coach is never a finished article. With this in mind, we strive to continually improve our practice in order to enable the best outcomes for our students and coachees

Tutoring or Coaching With Us

Are you a highly skilled teacher who is able to build up a great rapport with students? Are you a passionate educator? Do you believe in the power of personalised learning? Are you able to support our students to make rapid progress?

If your answer to all these questions was yes, why not come and join us as a tutor?

The Brain Booster always looking for highly skilled professionals, with a variety of teaching and instructional experience, to join our ever-growing and successful team of experts.

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