What we offer:

11+ Tuition

In order to give your child the best chance in life, there is no better place to be educated than at a grammar school. Gaining a place at a grammar school is competitive and only those with scores in the higher percentile will be guaranteed a place.

The 11+ examinations require children to develop skills in verbal and non-verbal reasoning.
These may differ from the skills taught in the KS2 curriculum.
Our tutors are skilled at helping children become competent, confident and swift at answering a range of verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions. Subsequently, they will have the skills required to gain a pass mark that will be good enough to secure a place at their desired grammar school.
Your child’s tutor will make an initial assessment and then put together a personalised plan of learning.

Primary Tuition

We can provide additional support that will top-up home learning to ensure that children don’t fall behind during the academic year; keep them focused and motivated on home-learning provided by the school and supplement this; help learners to prepare for the vital SATs testing at the end of Key Stages; and assist in ensuring that students are confidently ‘secondary-ready’ for the next steps in their education.

Primary Mathematics

Tutors will help pupils to secure calculation strategies for the four operations; develop confidence with a particular area of mathematics that the pupil might be struggling with (e.g. fraction or understanding measure) and develop problem solving and reasoning skills

Primary English

The key to success in both reading and writing is to develop a love of reading. Children
and adults who read widely have a much more varied vocabulary themselves and are able to understand and use a wider range of words in both their written and spoken vocabulary. The Brain Booster aims to develop a love of language and how to use words effectively and creatively. With a wider vocabulary, children more easily master the skills of reading comprehension and understanding how to manipulate language and use it creatively in their writing. We use a variety of high-interest texts as a stimulus to develop the skills of inference and further development of explanations in response to the text.

KS3 English Language and Literature

KS3 equates to the first three years of secondary school and covers four separate areas of the curriculum – reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary and spoken English. We can offer personalised tuition which promotes high standards of literacy and language by equipping students with a confident command of spoken and written English, and to instill and develop their love of literature through reading for pleasure across a wide variety of styles and genres.We use a variety of high-interest texts as a stimulus to develop the skills of inference and further development of explanations in response to the text.

Through opportunities to analyse literature on a one-to-one basis, we promote students to not only understand the linguistics, but to read critically, learn new vocabulary, make inferences, refer to evidence in the text, and use their knowledge of purpose, audience and context to support their understanding. In their written work, we can support students to write accurately, fluently, effectively and at length for a range of purposes and audiences. This includes support to plan, draft and edit their work, whilst encouraging students to reflect on their work and making critical amendments to vocabulary, grammar and structure so as to always be improving and building confidence.

Functional Skills in English and Maths

Is your lack of confidence in English or maths holding you back? Many adults are failed by the education system and leave school, and even college, without basic practical maths and English

Confidence in these practical skills allows us to work confidently, effectively and independently in life, including moving on into further education and training. Most courses that you embark upon require a certain level of competency in maths and English. For this reason, many people have to complete a functional skills test in order to gain a certificate recognising their understanding at level 2 or level 3 before then can enroll in higher education.

The Brain Booster can help adults who need to refresh or refine their maths and/or English skills. This might be to pass a functional skills assessment; help your own child with their homework; enable you to move onto the next step in your education or training or career; or simply to develop confidence.

A lack of confidence in these skills is nothing to be embarrassed about. Nobody is hopeless where maths and English are concerned; we all have the potential to be successful. Sometimes, it just takes the right tutor to help you to understand. At The Brain Booster, we can help you build your skills and confidence by helping you develop good foundations in maths and English and develop a secure knowledge and understanding to help you apply these skills confidently. You are never too old to learn new things.


Our highly experienced and qualified tutors understand the importance of providing support for children with special educational needs, including students of exceptional ability (gifted and talented) and disabilities so that they achieve well in their early years, at school and in college, and lead happy and fulfilled lives, as is stated in the Code of Practice 2015. Through our lessons and resources, we provide calm, visual instructions and give plenty of time and support for pupils to make connections with their learning and have fun in a safe and secure environment. Our tutors have a high level of communication skills, built upon building self-esteem while encouraging and rewarding progress by praising small steps as well as giant leaps. Flexibility is key here, and The Brain Booster certainly display flexibility when thinking outside the box and trying different techniques – or new approaches, as well as tried and tested methods. Their understanding of the SEND Code of Practice ensure that our tutors are knowledgeable and experienced in creating personalised and individualised support that facilitates independence, develops confidence, & enables pupils to access curriculum.

Our promise to you

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